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Sweet Illusion EDT (pink violette)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Privia Sweet Illusion Eau De Toilette is a refreshing angelic scent for women. An amazing blend of invigorating lemon, melon and apricot blends into a beautiful blend of harmonizes citrus and fruity and fragrance, and the scent of blackcurrant emerging with lemon and melon fragrance creates a fresh brisk elastic top note.

 Not only it beautiful design but aslo it's nice feeling. The refreshing tangy lemon, sweet melon and soft marigold with apricot smell. As the perfect mix of refreshing and beauty, Let every body know how beauty you are.

 1) The style of perfume can make women's feeling from low spirits to high spirits. When the lady open the bottle and smell the perfume, let them enter to a new world, and they enjoy that feeling.The smell let women be confident, charming and elegant.

 2).It can quickly remove the unpleasing smell , leave the Fragrance on the body for a long time and restrain the growth of bacteria;

 Beauty Tip

1).Spray the perfume over the whole body evenly not only on the up body,for the smell of perfume goes from down to up according to time and temperature.

2).the smell will be more attractive when using at the part of body which has high temperature.

3).Spray in 2 hours before going out, you will get a more effect.


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