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Gorgeous Long Curly Mascara

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Gorgeous Long&Curly Mascara


  1. Due to stronger waterproof effect it does not leave the smudges from sweat or water and can be used even while swimming
  2. The special formula with fiber allows it to be proof to water, but it peels off mildly while cleansing
  3. The peanut-shape bulky brush lifts up the eyelashes evenly, making them curly and giving volume


  1. Apply from the roots of eyelashes by zigzag movements with a sufficient pressure.
  2. Setting the brush vertically apply on hard-accessible small lashes by sides
  3. If u thoroughly apply the base too the eyes will seem bigger and brighter




  • to those who wants to maintain beautiful eyes while swimming in the sea or swimming-pool
  • to people with drooped lashes
  • to those who often gets smudges under eyes due to sweat or oily skin
  • to those who wants to make eyes bright and deep-looking be means of thick and fluffy lashes
  • to those who wants to reduce time for makeup renew due to sweating

│ TIPS │

  • Pumping of a brush up and down inside the tube - NO!
    Pumping of a brush up and down causes air inflow which makes the contents stiff. Thus, instead of pumping spin a brush inside the tube before usage

  • Use a curler after application of mascara - NO!
    The usage of a curler after application af mascara causes the bends and crumples on lashes
    Use the curler before applying mascara, it will make your lashes more curly and elevated.

  • Using the straight line while applying - NO!
    If you apply mascara with straight movement the lashes get heavy and sag. Apply from the roots of eyelashes by zigzag movements upside direction